the family

The story of this Winery is basically the story of a family. It started in the early 1900s in Serdiana, home of farmers, olive groves and vineyards. It was here that in 1906, Antonio, the patriarch, was born. He was the first to plant vine rows, to join vineyards together, to seek quality in winemaking. His two sons, Franco and Giuseppe inherited his passion, and shared it with their wives, Pina and Marianna, and then with their own children. Today, the Winery is run by the third Argiolas generation: Antonio’s grandchildren. It is, after all, a simple story: one harvest after another, tradition is handed down from parent to child.

the vineyards

The Serdiana estate, framed by an enchanting landscape dotted with important historical remains, covers an area of about 20 ha in the Sibiola countryside, in the Municipality of Serdiana.
It is cultivated with the principal traditional grape varieties. A further 45 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in the Parteolla area, on hilly land at an elevation of about 300-350 m above sea level. The estate also comprises olive groves with about 5000 plants of the Tonda di Cagliari and Pitz'e Carroga varieties.

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We are in the middle of the Western Mediterranean. In Sardinia.
On that part of the island which looks towards Africa from a broad Gulf, bordered by lagoons and wetlands where the flamingos nest. Right at the centre of the arc formed by the Gulf lies the city of Cagliari. Behind it spreads the Campidano plain. To the north and east of the city rises a half circle of gently rolling land. Dotted by small towns and villages, olive groves, fields and vineyards. This is where we are, in Serdiana. For thousands of years, this land has produced bread, oil and wine for the city.



  • Visit & tasting

    Our experts will take you in the spaces where the wine develops in the casks, to the discovery of our wines and some food specialities from Sardinia.

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  • Chef & Wine

    Visit the Winery and learn Sardinian recipes under the guidance of experts in the local food tradition. For each dish, you will learn how to make it and the special occasions on which it was traditionally served.

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  • Aperitif in the vineyard

    A charming excursion around the village of Serdiana and its beautiful landscape. After a tour in the Winery we will go deep into the countryside and you’ll enjoy an aperitif accompanied by local products.

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  • Wine bar

    The Argiolas Wine Bar is in the departure lounge of Cagliari Elmas airport. Somewhere different, to remind us that time can be reckoned in seasons and years, not only in minutes. One last goodbye and a souvenir of Sardinia.






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